S03E29 | Animal Doctors/Human Medicine: Katti Horng on Vet School & HIV Research

Listen here.

Katti Horng’s path to studying HIV in the combined DVM/PhD degree at UC Davis began with a Chinese tradition for babies: infants are presented with objects symbolizing different professions to see what their futures will hold. PhDivas Xine and Liz talk to Katti about cow rectums, animal rights vs. animal welfare, and the difference between the cultures of professional and graduate degrees. We get a new perspective on sexism: even though women are now the majority in veterinary medicine, we learn that the gender gap is not so easily overcome. What does interdisciplinary medical research look like? Katti and Liz talk about the unexpected connections between their research on HIV, cancer, and chronic inflammation.

More on Katti Horng’s research


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