S04E04 | Dealing with Diaspora: Kiran Sunar on Punjabi Legacies & Queer of Color Community

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How do children of immigrants survive in the wake of diaspora? Punjabi is Canada’s 5th most spoken language. As a PhD student in Asian Studies at UBC, Kiran Sunar reads, translates, and speaks multiple languages as a part of reclaiming Punjabi literary forms from Orientalism. Kiran and PhDiva Xine discuss Rupi Kaur and the power of Instagram poetry, disgraceful Canadian histories, and the importance of ice cream to queer trans people of color friendship. “How do we keep our wounded?” asks Kiran in this conversation about generosity, kindness, and creation in activism and literature.

Keep an eye out for Kiran’s novel currently titled “Nerve”! If you’re looking for some good reading, peruse the writers mentioned here: Audre Lorde, Hiromi Goto, Dionne Brand, Larissa Lai, Cherrie Moraga, Nalo Hopkinson.
More on Kiran Sunar: asia.ubc.ca/kiran-sunar/


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