S04E05 | Othello in America: Prof Brigitte Fielder on Race, American Studies, & Academia

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Race is messy, literally and figuratively, as Professor Brigitte Fielder (Wisconsin-Madison) argues in her project on the non-linear transferability of race in nineteenth-century America. Shakespeare’s Othello in America became a minstrel play warning against the dangers of miscegenation — what does it mean with Othello’s blackface makeup begrimes Desdemona? At the 2017 conference of the American Studies Association, PhDiva Xine chats with Brigitte about anti-racist mentoring, pedagogy, and colleagueship in higher ed and their discipline as a dynamic entity. How can we change a field of study and whose shoulders do we stand upon? (Shoutout to work in early Black studies, like the the Just Teach One-Early African American Print Project: jtoaa.common-place.org/ and the Colored Conventions project: coloredconventions.org/)

More on Brigitte Fielder’s work: www.brigfield.org/

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