S04E10 | Who Cares About Violence Against Muslim Students? Wajiha Mehdi on Student Protests in India

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The 1970 student massacre at Kent State is iconic in the United States and beyond. Dphdivas ituays before the 2018 anniversary, at least 65 students at Aligarh Muslim University in India were brutalized by the police for peacefully protesting the police dismissal — without charges — of the armed Hindu nationalists who had threatened their campus. PhDiva Xine talks with Wajiha Mehdi (PhD student in Social Justice at UBC) to raise Western awareness of the protests in India by students, farmers, and many other parts of Indian society against state neoliberalism, Hindu nationalism, the abuse of the lower castes. Why has this barely been covered in Western media? What kinds of narratives make international headlines from a country like India or about Muslims?

Photo (right) by Wajahat Jilani
More information here: thecompanion.in/amu-chalo-to-save…-hindutva-terror/


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