S04E11 | Diversity in the Geosciences: Hard Questions for Hard Sciences ft Sara Cannon, Leonora King

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Geosciences are the least diverse of all STEM fields. But is it enough to track statistics about gender and race given the discipline’s colonial, masculinist history? Quantitative scientists experiment with qualitative methods in order to examine experiences at a Canadian geoscience conference. PhDiva Xine interviews marine biologist Sara Cannon and fluvial geomorphologist Leonora King (UBC Geography) about their paper that tracked posters vs. panels, behaviour at talks and on panels, and the division of labour. What are the limits on such a study? How can this translate into institutional change?

Since recording this episode, the CGU executive has created a committee to determine the current state of diversity within the CGU membership and to establish a plan going forward to promote diversity within the CGU and Canadian geosciences.

“Diversity in geoscience: Participation, behaviour, and the division of scientific labour at a Canadian geoscience conference” in the journal Facets by Leonora King, Lucy MacKenzie, Marc Tadaki, Sara Cannon, Kiely McFarlane, David Reid, Michele Koppes
Leonora King (@Leonora_Kingwww.leonoraking.com
Sara Cannon (@secannowww.saraecannon.com


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