S04E13 | On Being in Public Pt 2: When Our Voices Make Us Into Targets

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Here come the trolls! Degrees, peer-reviewed publications, respect in the field — markers of academic respectability do not shield scholars, especially BIPOC women, when people don’t want to hear what we have to say. Remember PhDiva Xine’s naivete in our previous episode? A month after recording, she tweeted a critique about Asian American appropriation of Blackness tied to the erasure of antiBlack, antiLatinx racisms when the media takes the Harvard affirmative action case as solely about anti-Asian sentiment. And then the racist and race traitor tweets began. PhDiva Liz interviews Xine about coming under attack from both alt-right white supremacists and MRAsians (men’s rights activists Asians). When should we become concerned about backlash? How can we protect ourselves? We talk practical tips from friends and our previous episodes.

Apologies for some audio quality issues — Xine had packed her equipment since she was moving to London just a few days later!

Image from Xine’s research at the American Antiquarian Society

Earlier episode with Drs. Carrie Mott and Daniel Cockayne on alt-right attacks after the Washington Post raised the profile of their research: Phdivas – Politicsofcitation


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