S04E15 | Poetry for Everyone (including you!): Anne Simpson on Workshops and Weightlifting

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Poetry can be for everyone! PhDiva Xine interviews 2017 Green College Writer-in-Residence Anne Simpson about dying well, pedagogy, and publishing — and lifting heavy weights as a feminist act. Winner of prestigious Canadian literature awards like the Griffin, Anne has published poetry, novels, and essays. Featuring brief segments with Tiara Kerr (economics) and Wes Yocom (law)as glimpses into how a poetry workshop environment can be enriching regardless of your disciplinary background. How can medical students benefit from creative writing? How might drawings of neurons by Santiago Ramón y Cajal, groundbreaking neuroscientist, inspire poetry that allows us to work through our relationship to memory? As Audre Lorde once wrote, poetry is not a luxury.

You can find out more about Anne’s work here: www.annesimpson.ca/


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