S04E16 | PhDivas Talk Tarot: QTPOC Occult in the Era of Secular Science

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Why are the PhDivas interested in tarot cards and the art of divination? PhDivas Liz and Xine separately delved into tarot: this is their first full conversation about their practices of self-care. The classic Western deck has been reimagined by disenfranchised peoples. Xine draws from her research about the importance of QTPOC tarot, especially the Asian American Tarot and Dusk || Onyx Melanated Tarot for the African diaspora. Liz the scientist challenges the dichotomy between tarot, forms of belief, and STEM. They talk skepticism, the Queen of Swords card, the Death card. How do we care for ourselves as scholars, as vulnerable people in this world? Will you try out a new practice of self care you might be skeptical about after this episode?

Asian American Tarot by the Asian American Literary Review: https://aalr.binghamton.edu/special-issue-on-asian-american-mental-health/
Dusk II Onyx Melanated Tarot by Courtney Alexander:

For an easy introduction check out the free Golden Tarot app.
Little Red Tarot is a queer feminist tarot website with lots of tutorials: www.littleredtarot.com
Asali Earthworks curates and reviews QTPOC tarot decks: www.asaliearthwork.com/tarot-of-the-qtpoc/


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