S04E19 | No Degree Is Worth Your Soul: Ciarra Milan’s Queer Womanist Theology

Grad school is trash for POC. The whisper campaign of academic trauma. Ciarra Jones’s essays went viral in 2018, drawing from her experiences during her MA at Harvard Divinity School. This is not just about white antiBlackness or white fear about speaking out, but also how BIPOC students can internalize their own oppression and undermine others under the guise of care. PhDiva Xine learns from Ciarra about the hope, grace, and love those in progressive circles can get from faith practices like queer womanist theology.

@ciarra_milan: Ciarra Jones is a master’s candidate at Harvard Divinity School studying African and African Religions with an emphasis in Gender and Sexuality. Ciarra is a writer, speaker, and activist who is particularly concerned with how to cultivate belonging and disrupt the reproduction of trauma in academia. You can find Ciarra’s work on Huffington Post, the Tempest, Black Youth Project, and Medium.

The Whisper Campaign of Academic Trauma: https://mystudentvoices.com/the-whisper-campaign-of-academic-trauma-fc917686fcc3
Grad School is Trash for Students of Color and We Should Talk About That: https://mystudentvoices.com/grad-school-is-trash-for-students-of-color-and-we-should-talk-about-that-af672814b3ee

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