S5E2| Consent & Colonialism in Art: Khairani Barokka on Disability and Aesthetics

Listen. Subscribe! In the eyes of Western art all brown girls are the same. “Annah the Javanese” by the famous artist Paul Gauguin depicts a nude young brown girl with a monkey at her feet. She was his “mistress.” In her PhD in Visuals Cultures Indonesian artist Khairani Barokka (Goldsmiths) uses her own art practice to question the inconsistent histories about Annah and to imagine her story in the midst of colonial exploitation. Okka and PhDiva Xine discuss disability studies, performance, poetry, and art history as two postcolonial subjects now living in the former heart of empire.

Pic credit: Christa Holka.

Debut poetry collection Rope:

Poetry-art book Indigenous Species:

Annah: Nomenclature at the ICA
Selected Annahs at SALTS Basel

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