S4E4 | ON STRIKE! Collective Action for a Better University

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Job security, unequal pay, excessive workloads, gender and racial inequality: this is the state of academia everywhere. How do we push for change when institutions don’t want to? In the UK the University and College Union is on STRIKE to fight for the soul of the university and that means PhDiva Xine is too. Xine interviews Dr. Francesca Brooks about the history and demands behind the strike as well as the tactics and lived experience from the perspective of precarity. If you are elsewhere in the world, may you learn something useful from this struggle!

You can show your solidarity by donating to the union’s fighting fund which provides financial support for those going without pay, with emphasis on the most vulnerable: www.ucu.org.uk/fightingfund

Or you can join the #digitalstrike by not posting about any work that benefits your institutional employer during this time. Use #UCUStrike #UCUStrikesBack, reshare this information about the strike widely!


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