S5E9 | The Migrant Precariat & the Scientific Method: Dr. Furaha Asani Against the Academic Pedestal

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Even scientists face deportation in an anti-immigration environment. But Dr. Furaha Asani cautions that academics shouldn’t think of themselves as “one of the good ones.” Biochemist Dr. Asani is now one of the migrant precariat because her visa was denied for questionable reasons. PhDiva Xine Yao interviews Dr. Asani about reimagining STEM PhD training and the scientific method. It’s okay to be a “very average scientist” — Dr. Asani questions putting scientists on pedestals in terms of their claims to objectivity and upholding colonial standards of meritocracy.

Dr. Furaha Asani on migrant solidarity: www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2…ant-deportation
Dr. Furaha Asani on Twitter: twitter.com/DrFuraha_Asani

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