S5E13 | Space Science, Space Colonialism: Ellie Armstrong & Divya Persaud on #SSiC2020

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“To boldly go to where no man has gone before” — the classic Star Trek slogan reflects how colonialism informs space exploration. NASA’s technologies are the same used for American imperialist ventures today. Even space rocks in museums are procured because of British colonialism. Planetary scientist Divya Persaud and STS scholar Ellie Armstrong organized Space Science in Context, an online interdisciplinary conference in May 2020. PhDiva Xine discusses with Divya and Ellie the legacies of colonialism in space science and fantasies about space exploration. They highlight exciting scholarship and activism by female and nonbinary BIPOC scholars as well as share strategies for making conferences more accessible.

For more on the conference Space Science in Context: spacescienceincontext.wordpress.com/

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@Divya_M_P // divyampersaud.com

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