S04E01 | Starting School After #Charlottesville: Dr. Jill Spivey Caddell on #SilentSam & Monuments

Listen here.

After the events of Charlottesville what has changed or SHOULD change for the start of the school year? How do we navigate family legacies if you’re descended from the enslaved or have Confederate ancestors? What if these issues are in your face on campus? These debates hit close to home for PhDiva Liz and Dr. Jill Spivey Caddell at UNC Chapel Hill where the Confederate statue Silent Sam stands. Topics include Jill’s research on Civil War monuments, revisionist histories, #NoConfederate, and the problems with teaching and representing the Civil War. How do you navigate being a Southerner in the North? Do monuments reflect the past, the present, or the hopes of the future? (Check out Charles Chesnutt’s short stories and novels!)

PhDiva Liz’s essay “Are Universities Prepared?”: https://medium.com/@liz.wayne/are-universities-prepared-eb01d3c1bd0
Dr. Jill Spivey Caddell’s article on Melville and Civil War monuments: http://www.mitpressjournals.org/doi/pdf/10.1162/TNEQ_a_00370
More on Dr. Jill: https://jspiveycaddell.com/
Charles. W. Chesnutt: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_W._Chesnutt

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